Who is The SEO Cohort for?

The SEO Cohort is designed for anyone that wants to learn strategic and tactical SEO quickly. Typically students are:

  • Marketers
  • Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Developers
  • Students
  • New Graduates
  • Account Executives

There are three common paths that students are seeking to take:

  1. Marketers, writers, or developers looking to upgrade their skills or specialize in SEO
  2. Career changers who are looking to build their skill set for a career in SEO, digital marketing, content marketing, or entrepreneurship
  3. Business owners and entrepreneurs looking to grow their business through SEO without hiring an expensive SEO agency
Is The SEO Cohort live or recorded?

The SEO Cohort instruction is all live. Both cohort options include 15 hours of live learning and projects. In addition, each cohort will include optional Office Hours with me to discuss course projects or apply learning to real-world projects.

There are no boring recorded videos here, but you’ll have access to the exact templates and blueprints we use during the cohort.

How much time does it take to participate in The SEO Cohort?

Each cohort features 15 hours of live instruction and practice. There are two scheduling options to meet the needs of working professionals:

  • 5-Week Course – One evening each week for 5 weeks
  • Accelerated Course – Two full days and one half day, all consecutive

Beyond live instruction, you’ll have the option to join optional Office Hours and interact with peers from your cohort.

What happens if I can’t make a session?

Because we pack so much into just a couple of sessions, it’s important to be able to commit to each session date and time when you enroll.

However, I understand that things happen. If you can’t make a session, you’ll have an opportunity to join a future session at no additional cost. You’ll also receive immediate access to the resources from that session.

Do you need any prior SEO experience to enroll?

Nope! No experience necessary. I’ll cover the fundamentals and then dive into strategy and tactics. And the real projects we work on are adaptable to any level of knowledge. 

What if I already know a little about SEO?

Great! If you’ve read about SEO, or maybe even taken an online course before, this cohort will allow you to truly apply what you’ve learned. And because SEO is constantly changing, you’ll get only the most up-to-date SEO best practices and strategies. 

Will I earn a certificate?

Yes! All students that complete the cohort will receive an SEO Cohort Certificate that can be shared with current or prospective employers, added to social media profiles, and used as a badge of honor that you’re now an SEO pro.

What’s included in the enrollment fee?

The enrollment fee includes everything in the cohort – no hidden fees, no tools to buy, no payment plan. You’ll get:

  • 15 hours of live instruction
  • In-class projects to apply learning
  • Lifetime access to proven SEO templates and blueprints used in class
  • Lifetime access to private SEO Cohort Slack channel
  • Office Hours to ask questions and discuss real projects
  • A Portfolio Project to showcase your SEO skills
  • The SEO Cohort Certificate of Completion to showcase to employers or add to your profile
Who teaches the cohort?

Every single cohort is taught by me, Ryan Morgan, founder and instructor of The SEO Cohort.

I’m a 15+ year digital marketing expert with a focus on SEO. I’ve led organizational and agency digital teams and I have a proven history of driving growth for organizations using SEO.

Can I work during the cohort?

Absolutely! The SEO Cohort is structured for working professionals with options to take classes in the evenings or an accelerated option to complete the cohort in just 2.5 days.

In fact, working professionals can bring current projects into the cohort to apply learnings, and vice versa, apply learnings to their current work.

How much can I earn in an SEO career?

The average SEO professional makes between $50-74k, however 17% make over $100k. And remember, just because you’re now a whiz in SEO doesn’t mean you have to pursue an SEO career. Talent SEO professionals are often digital marketers, bloggers/writers, developers, and business owners.

How do I enroll in The SEO Cohort?

Enrolling couldn’t be easier. Simply visit the Enroll page, choose the scheduling option that works best for you, add a few details about yourself, and submit your payment (all major credit cards accepted). Enrollment usually takes around 2 minutes.

Isn’t this information available for free online?

Is there a lot of SEO information available online? OF COURSE. Is 90% of it confusing, outdated, gimmicky, and hard to apply? OF COURSE. So if you’re up for mining through everything to find the 10% of quality SEO content, it’s there.

But you’re here, and I think I know why:

  • You don’t know what content is good and what is not
  • It’s hard to apply things without having real applications and projects to work on
  • There’s no one you can ask more specific questions to
  • It’s hard to learn it all without any support

That’s why The SEO Cohort exists:

  • You have the guidance and mentorship of an SEO expert with 15+ years of experience working in agencies and organizations
  • While you learn, you’ll apply each lesson with real projects using real SEO tools
  • You’ll have an SEO mentor and a group of peers that will become your trusted SEO peer group
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