Live Learning

No boring recorded videos here. Each live session is taught by Ryan and gives participants the opportunity to interact, ask questions, and discuss projects together.

Real Projects

The key to accelerated learning is applying the curriculum to real-life projects that you'll encounter on the job.

Peer-to-Peer Community

Each cohort supports a maximum of 20 participants, allowing us to build connections and community.


Walk away with proven templates and resources that you can use as you implement SEO on the job.

What you’ll learn

The SEO Cohort curriculum is centered around current and foundational SEO tools and tactics. You’ll learn about each strategy followed by discussion and project work to apply each learning.

Introduction to SEO

Don’t worry, we’re not simply defining what “SEO” stands for. By this point you know that. We’re talking about what comprises modern SEO, how to connect organizational/business strategy to SEO strategies, how search engines work today, and the ranking factors that determine how well a page performs.

Performing SEO Research

Learn how to use a variety of SEO tools to research search volume, competition, rankings, and more.

Identifying and Prioritizing SEO Opportunities

Ever felt like you didn’t know where to start with SEO? We’re going to walk through SEO tools and how to use them to identify huge SEO opportunities with a few button clicks. Find ideas and recommendations for new content, on-page optimizations, technical optimizations, and more!

Performing On-Page SEO

Learn to make specific recommendations for optimizing on-page content. We’ll talk about the many different opportunities for optimization on each page and we’ll go in-depth on exactly how to optimize content, even if you aren’t a writer.

Diving into Technical SEO

Often one of the most intimidating aspects of SEO, we’ll walk through how to leverage SEO tools to make strategic SEO recommendations. Without looking at a line of code, you’ll be able to identify common site issues that hurt search engine crawlability and SEO performance.

Leveraging Off-Page SEO

We’ll talk through modern tactics to increase the authority of any site through off-page SEO. You’ll learn about link building, directories, local SEO, and more.

Using AI for SEO

Discover how to use AI and AI tools like ChatGPT to improve your SEO processes. Learn about the benefits and risks of using AI within your SEO workflow.

An Example Day

1. Live Learning

Intro to SEO Research - Instructor-led session to walk through how to use SEO tools to identify keyword volume, competition, and difficulty. Discussion around applications and examples.

2. Project

Participants will take a live website and perform SEO research to identify current SEO performance, opportunities, and competition.

3. Break

Grab snacks, let the dog out, answer some quick emails, and get ready to dive back in.

4. Live Learning

Identifying SEO Opportunities - We'll walk through how to start from scratch and identify big-win SEO opportunities, how to prioritize them, and put them into an SEO action plan.

5. Project

You'll take our learning and use our repeatable processes to identify 5 (or more) SEO opportunities for a real website.

6. End of Day Recap

At the end of each day, we'll recap what we learned for better apprehension and we'll provide extra resources for those interested.

SEO Cohort Example Day

Designed for Working Professionals

The SEO Cohort is designed with working professionals in mind. Each session is recorded and flexible training options are offered to fit around busy schedules.

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