Learn to get real results with SEO

Expert-led, small group, live training meant to build your SEO skills fast.

What you'll learn

SEO Basics

Get the inside scoop on how search engines really work, ranking factors, how to tie SEO to organizational goals, and how to choose the right tactics.

SEO Research

Learn how to research keywords, search volume, competition, rankings, search results page features, and more.

SEO Strategy

Learn the blueprint for developing an SEO strategy from scratch. Graduate being able to identify and prioritize SEO opportunities for the biggest impact.

On-Page SEO

Graduate with the ability to make specific on-page SEO recommendations around content, usability, page speed, and more.

Technical SEO

No coding knowledge needed - you'll walk away knowing how improve usability, page speed, mobile friendliness, and any site indexing issues.

Off-Page SEO

Learn modern tactics for building authority to any site using link building, guest posting, directories, local SEO, and more.


Learn how to leverage AI and AI tools for SEO. Discover the benefits and risks of using AI in your SEO workflow.


Ryan Morgan

Ryan Morgan is a 15+ year digital marketing expert with a focus on SEO. He has led organizational and agency digital teams and has a history of driving growth for organizations using SEO.

Ryan currently operates a digital consultancy called swell. Ryan was formerly the Director, Brand + Digital Strategy at ignite, and the Vice President, Digital Marketing at Aztek, two leading agencies for digital marketing.

Prior to his agency work, Ryan spent nearly ten years at ERC, where he oversaw the organization’s marketing and digital strategy, as well as a team of high-performing marketers focused on SEO, content marketing, design, and email/automation.


Ryan uses every project and conversation as an opportunity for growth and coaching. No project was approached with a "just because" mentality but rather, explained in a way that connects the job at hand with the business case. I was always impressed to watch Ryan's ability to coach each of us in a personal way.

Michael R. UX Designer

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